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Best Greek Restaurant for 2013 is ...

In its annual list of the 101 best restaurants in the world and included the "Selene" Santorini popular culinary site. Purpose of the "Selene", writes the author of the article is to promote local products and cuisine of the island , it is worth noting that it remained the same since it opened 27 years ago in Fira .

In the decades that followed, the "Selene" moved to the center of the tower and in particular one of the highest points of the island , offering breathtaking views from the dining room .
Next to some of the most famous vineyards of the island, "Selene" has a new chef , Nick mouthful, but the recipes with local air remain exceptional . The menu includes dishes such as sardines tart bread served with carpaccio of beef , nuts and coconut .

Since we moved to the Tower restaurant and add a more casual tavern and a folklore museum with exhibits of traditional , rural production . Guests can enjoy a package that includes wine tasting , a visit to the museum , cooking classes and dinner ...

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